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Welcome to Babillage beauty salon

Babillage is the point where art and beauty meet each other.
Forms and colours mix themselves and create something magic, elegant and refined.
This is Anna Cifarelli!


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The human wellness is fundamental. We know it. And you?


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For TIGI all the colourists are artists and for this reason they must have a complete personal palette. TIGI copyright©olour includes a colour spectrum completely mixable but singularly realized which could be individually used, mixed with other colours or overlapping and mixed in order to obtain a really personalized colour.


Founded in 1995, Tecna Italia has to recognize her success to the integration between Technology and Nature by which the name descends. The development of this way of thinking has permitted to Tecna Italia to become one of the most famous companies in the professional cosmetic’s sector for hairstylists, moving up the times with innovative formulas for hair’s beauty.



NYCE is a brand, a philosophy and a predisposition to a total quality, a value shared by all the people, laboratories and companies which collaborate with NYCE. NYCE is the company for the hairstylist who wants be different by his competition for quality, image, communication and service’s phylosophy. A concept dedicated to the best salons which desire express and affirm their unique style.

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We want update you about the possibility to interact with us through the blog section. You will be constantly informed about the activities, the events and the pertaining updates of Babillage beauty salon. We think that in this way we will be able to establish with you an interactive and faithful relation in order to accommodate all your needs researching the best solution which could satisfy you. The hair’s care and the skin’s wellness are the basics of our work. Babillage wants to exalt your natural beauty. Our team will model your crowns such as only a sculptor does enjoying with the clay and will realize the most beautiful colour’s shades such as only a painter does working on a painting. We invite you to keep in contact with our salon. Shortly we will reserve you some precious news.

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