Babillage treats your hairs using only qualitative products which are the result of its philosophy: natural products, without ammonia, by which we underline the natural beauty of each of our clients.
We are able to recognize the needs of your hairs responding to their every need with professionalism in order to obtain a better quality of your hairs and the best comfort for the skin. The Babillage team could help you in the choice of the best treatment:


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Ecologically regulated, ergonomic and without ammonia, those products are made by organic ingredients. These products are easy to utilize and have the aim to give pleasure and wellness to the client. Tecna products are not tested on animals thanks to the control that is conducted upon the first matters during the working overture and the researches are effectuated with the intent to test and refine the real product’s efficacy into the working environment


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Used to offer the maximum freedom in the fusion of colours. TIGI copyright©olour products, without ammonia, are totally mixable and they permit hairdressers to go beyond the limits of their art because the hues obtainable are unlimited and offer a total covering on the hairs. TIGI copyright©olour products will guarantee to each of our client a personalized colour depending on his needs;


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Products with innovative formulation different by others for quality, image, communication and philosophy. Those products encourage the creativity putting themselves over the fashions and the ages with style and elegance. Nyce products, totally without ammonia, are inspired by the nature and are composed by qualitative ingredients in order to give shine and nourishment to all the different hair’s types

Hairs exalt and value the beauty giving seduction, hairs are charm and they express the personality of everyone. It’s the reason why we cure your hairs guaranteeing you special attentions.