Hair Salon


We want to exhaust your every wish. We take care for you respecting your needs thanks to the professionalism that characterizes us which is the vital principle around which all our work turns.
Dettaglio del salone There has been no century which did not give the right importance to hairs, the natural body’s ornament which frames the face. Nowadays both woman and man reserve a special treatment to hairs independently from the age. It’s through this biological ornament that we assume an identity and we pursue our interests into the world. It is the reason why the human being handles his hair!
But handling hairs in the right way is necessary entrusting to who could treat hairs with passion respecting their naturalness.
Our gorgeous hair salon, situated in Altamura, a typical district near Bari, is ready to receive your needs in order to satisfy you with our style and creativity.
We will set the better treatment to you thanks also to our structure, perfectly furnished, which will guarantee you hours passed in total relax while our team will handle your hairs.
Endowed with Wi-Fi connection and with a room committed to the entertainment of your children, our salon will guarantee your relax thanks also to an armchair for shiatsu massage able to reproduce the movement of fingers and palms that will result healthy and relaxing for your body.
We guarantee you all our professionalism thanks to the excellent products that we use, to the perfect hygiene of structure and tools, daily sterilized, that we utilize.
Magic hands, professional products and a long-time experience will be the right mix to satisfy all your needs.